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Re: Debian logo license still not resolved

> Richard Roberto:
> > Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk>:
> ...
> > > Then if we want to change the licence we publish version 2
> > > instead, leaving version 1 available but stating that it is no
> > > longer available.  Users of the logo have to go and check each
> > > year that the licence hasn't changed, and update the date on their
> > > acknowledgement.
> > 
> > As stated by Will Lowe, I think a registration process could handle
> > this (i.e. re-register annually under the current license terms).
This seems more complicated than we need. Why don't we just come to
an agreement on an acceptable license that has an expiry date (say Dec 31
of that year). At the end of every year, we simply increment the year and
make any other modifications that have been decided on.

Whatever route we take, we still need to work out the actual license.
Ian, aren't you working on a mechanism to help discussions like this
come to a vote in a reasonably democratic way?

- Jay

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