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Re: copyright question for sniffit

On Tue, Feb 24, 1998 at 12:17:54AM +0100, Sascha Runschke wrote:
> Hi all.ALL,
> yet another copyright question from me ;-)
> sniffit says :
> **
> This is free software, spread it if you want, but keep the package
> complete and unmodified. Do not use any code from this package without
> mentioning the source in your docs and advertisement. Do not use any of
> this code in Commercial Software/Commercial Packages.
> **
> Beside I assume he does not really understand the term "free software" I'm
> not sure what to do with it. Can we keep it in main/net ?
> regards
> 	Sascha

This is blatantly non-free.

	Adam Klein

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