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Re: autoup.sh & considerations on bail-out scripts

On Fri, 13 Feb 1998, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> >      timezones (from hamm) declares that it "Replaces: timezone" and
> > "Conflicts: timezone".  timezone: 7.48-3I from rex is "Essential: yes",
> > 
> > which is not the case in ver. 7.55-2 in bo.  I thought dpkg would
> > happily replace timezone with with timezones, but it refuses.  I'm not
> > familiar with the empty placeholder package concept.  If it works, it
> > would certainly be an alternate to the solution now used in autoup.sh.
> > 
> The correct path for the upgrade is to upgrade to the bo timezone package.
> This is the only way to make the upgrade to timezones work at this time.
> If we really need this to work for folks who are still pre-bo, it should
> be possible to include the timezone package from bo in hamm just so the
> autoup.sh can use it to make the transition. Any modification to the
> timezones package is going to make the same difficulty occur later in just
> the same fashion. Timezone and its successor timezones should not be
> essential. This is a bug in the rex version of timezone that is fixed by
> an upgrade to timezone from bo. These special case routes to upgrade need
> to be advertised and integrated into the upgrade procedures.

it should be easy to make the script do that. check for installed
version of timezone and if rex then install the bo version.

could do the same thing for dpkg.  dpkg in rex can't do --get-selections
which is needed to remove all the -dev etc packages.


craig sanders

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