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RE: `suidmanager': What about things installed before it is?

On 03-Feb-98 Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>  What happens when a package is installed prior to `suidmanager', and
>  it wants to register itself?  It will check for the -x of
>  `suidregister', and skip the registration.  Then, afer a bit, dselect
>  might install `suidmanager', making it available.  Any package that
>  wants it after that will get registered, but the ones before won't
>  be.
>  I can imagine there being other similar situations, between other
>  sets of packages.
>  What can be done?  Any ideas?

Packages (e.g. A), which want to be registerd by another package (eg. B), should
create a file F (eg. /usr/lib/xref/B.todo/A) to avoid such a
problem. File F
may contain some options for B. 

If B is installed later it should check this directory.

It may be possible to run a command (eg. /usr/lib/xref/B.update) after
installing/updateting several packages. This program can check the directory and
updates the internal files of B.

This could be useful for menu dwww ...

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