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Re: [banned] Flight Attendant sends information...

Sorry this took so long, I setup a new IP based blocking system on master,
this guy is the first entrant.

Master/va now has 2 forms of spam protection:
  - Realtime Black Hole (RBL) filtering (http://maps.vix.com)
  - IP Based blacklisting, including whole subnet banning

Both of these route into a mail program called 'smtp-refuse' which sends a
nice refusal message to the spammer along with a 550 user not found reply.

This more agressive stance on spam was prompted by the spamming of the
bugs lists by the owlsnest people. Before we only used a simple domain
name blocking.

If a spam does make it to the lists it will likely be banned by the end of
the day by me or one of the 3 postmasters.


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