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Re: Debian "goals" question

> I've been using Slackware for about 2 years now and sometimes am
> disgusted by things like the file system structure not following the FHS
> and simple little things like vi actually being elvis.  What I want to
> know about Debian, as I am considering switching, is one of your overall
> goals to be more "Unix like"?  I want a Linux system that most closely
> resembles that of the big Unix names, and I understand that they do vary
> themselves.  I am tired of having certain programs have compile problems
> because Slackware uses non-standard directory layout.  I tend to not use
> the tarballs that are distributed for Slackware, I lile to compile my
> own.  Anyhow, I'm rambling on now.  Can you give me any help here :-)


To learn more about Debian, you may wish to study http://www.debian.org
(don't miss the "Social Contract"). As for the goal, it is to have
the best _free_ Linux distribution. Another feature of Debian is the
presence of a lot of alternatives. If you don't like elvis, you can use
nvi (bug-for bug clone of original vi), or vim (vi improved). The same
thing with a lot of other packages. Debian closely follows Filesystem
Standards, I never had a problem with that. 

Anyway, if you have more questions, I would be happy to answer.

Alex Y.

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