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Re: Becoming a package maintainer

On Mon, Feb 16, 1998 at 09:32:15AM -0500, Will Lowe wrote:

> > At the very least, perhaps we should encourage people to encrypt these
> > images to prevent interception?  (Even then, the Debian new-maintainers
> > manager could try the same tricks, but it would be somewhat pointless
> > and Debian developers are all too nice anyway :))
> Igor's noted that we dropped the requirement -- but if I were to encrypt
> the signed jpg file, the new-maintainer people would have no way to
> unencrypt it, since they need the jpg to accept my pgp key ...

Not really.  As long as you sign it with your public key, and encrypt it
with _their_ public key, the exercise isn't completely pointless.  Only you
(should) have a photo of your driver's license, and only you should have
your secret key, so your signature should be valid if they trust the
driver's license.

I think.

In any case, I can forge your driver's license with GIMP, so nyah.


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