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Re: Bug#18582: usr/doc/timezones is a symlink to /usr/doc/libc6

On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Bob Hilliard wrote:

> Package: timezones
> Version: 2.0.7pre1-1
> Severity: Normal
>      /usr/doc/timezones is a symlink to /usr/doc/libc6.  Although the
> source of the timezones package _is_ libc6, to the casual user there
> is no connection between the two.  Anyone looking at/usr/doc/timezones
> is probably looking for information about configuring timezones or for
> the location of the confiles.
While I have made the same mistake (of thinking that /usr/doc/<package> is
supposed to contain additional documentation) that you have made here, it
should be clear from a quick survey of the /usr/doc/* directories that
they typically contain nothing more than copyright and changlog files.

Policy dictates that the changelog and copyright files reside in these
directories and (possibly suggests) indicates nothing else. The general
interpretation seems to be that that is all that should go there (I
certainly feel differently)

Timezones also has no man page, nor does tzconfig. These will all be dealt
with at some point, but right now it must remain fairly low on the
priority list because of limited time.
>      If policy explicitly permits this symlink, this bug should be
> transferred to policy.
This bug report should not have been made without some consultation,
either privately or on debian-devel. If a policy change is indicated the
discussion moves to debian-policy and new policy appears by magic. Then
and only then should a bug report be filed.


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