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[CCed to the maintainers of xbase, ssh, login and base-files]


this is a concentrated afford to put all environment variables on one
central place in a Debian System (set from our users). This place
already exists: /etc/environment. It's used by login and ssh
already. Only xdm don't do this at the moment.

/etc/login.defs contains the following lines:

# If this file exists and is readable, login environment will be
# read from it.  Every line should be in the form name=value.
ENVIRON_FILE    /etc/environment

Can some package, i.e. the base-files, provide a appropriate default
config file (=empty?) including a man page!?

The xbase maintainer has gotten a short patch from Andreas Jellinghaus
to support the /etc/environment file with xdm, too.

It would be very good to be able to set the environment variables on
one place for all applications. (Then COAS and the boot-floppies has
only to modify one file, i.e. for the preferred language)


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