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Debian-related advertising on debian-announce

From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
> Since when do we publish advertisements for others, and use language
> like "our" web page, pointing to CheapBytes?  I don't like it at
> all...

I've always published all of the CD vendor ads. I edit them a bit.
The text there was clearly from Cheap*Bytes, not Debian. Should I edit

I am still very thankful that I don't have to run the Debian CD sales,
which would be a great big pain in the butt for me, and that other people
do it for us at rediculously low prices, certainly less than we would pay
someone to do it, and that we get more donations from it than we would if
we did it ourselves.

I think the official CD was about the best thing I did. The long-term version
freeze on the official CD was not, however. People are after me to make a
revised official CD now that this one has come out. Who made that CD? I bet it
was Dale. Who asked for the freeze? Dale and Cheap*Bytes. Uh-oh .



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