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Re: Annoying behavior in X (broken curses?)

On Mon, Feb 23, 1998 at 06:03:28PM -0500, Brian Mays wrote:

> > After I recently upgraded my hamm system, there is a new annoying
> > problem.  Whenever a curses program starts under rxvt, the screen is
> > cluttered with debris from the LAST curses program.  For instance,
> > less and joe both have this problem and I have to hit the redraw key
> > after starting them.  This is a new problem.
> This problem is not an rxvt bug.  One way in which the terminfo entries of
> rxvt and xterm differ, is the rmcup capability.  Xterm's entry contains
> an additional control sequence ("ESC [ 2 J" to be precise) that clears
> the screen before switching from the alternate screen buffer.

The same thing happens with both TERM=xterm and TERM=rxvt, but only in an
rxvt.  Running xterm, both terminal types do not have the screen messups.

This is due to a new ncurses, a new terminfo, or a new rxvt.  Unfortunately
I upgraded to hamm all at once.

Have fun,


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