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Re: autoup.sh & considerations on bail-out scripts

On Sat, 14 Feb 1998, Robert D. Hilliard wrote:

> On Fri, 13 Feb 1998 Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:
> > The correct path for the upgrade is to upgrade to the bo timezone
> > package.  This is the only way to make the upgrade to timezones
> > work at this time.  If we really need this to work for folks who
> > are still pre-bo, it should be possible to include the timezone
> > package from bo in hamm just so the autoup.sh can use it to make
> > the transition. Any modification to the timezones package is
> > going to make the same difficulty occur later in just the same
> > fashion. Timezone and its successor timezones should not be
> > essential. This is a bug in the rex version of timezone that is
> > fixed by an upgrade to timezone from bo. These special case routes
> > to upgrade need to be advertised and integrated into the upgrade
> > procedures.
>      I like this better than my --force-remove-essential solution.
> I don't think the timezone package from bo needs to be included in
> regular hamm directory.  That could lead to problems and confusion.
> The package is only 179056 bytes, and could be included in the mirrors
> and on the CD in the same location as the upgrade script and its

what's wrong with using --force-remove-essential? this situation is
exactly the sort of situation why we have that option.

it works without cluttering things up, and without installing a package
which is only going to be removed in a few seconds/minutes anyway.

seems a waste of time to me to install a package and then remove it almost


craig sanders

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