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Re: announcement lists

In article <19971207180916.59142@wyvern> you write:
>Now that we have email addresses for the packages
>(<package-name>@debian.org??) I'll raise something I thought about a while


>a) subscribe <package>@debian.org to the announcement lists (with a limit on
>the number of emails to be stored).

should do the maintainer himself, if he wants.

>b) be able to specify a URL which can be checked for changes - for instance:

look at debmake oops, now devscripts, keyword dupdate or so.
this was implemeted a long time ago by chris lameter -
even far more :
a maintainer could run the script here and then, and it would not only
check for a new version, it could download the package, extract it to
the right dir, apply the diff of the last version, add an changelog
entry and try to run dpkg-buildpackage.

>Am I just blathering on, or is this a workable and decent suggestion?

long time ago solved. but some people didn't like chris' implementations
or so (but nobody wrote something better ?). look at devscripts, rewrite
the whole thing in perl, with more modularisation, better
configureabilty, and excellent documentation.


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