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Re: "rc" shell maintainer?

On Wed, 04 Feb 1998 16:23:32 EST, Vincent Broman wrote:
> Who is maintaining the rc package for Debian GNU/Linux?
> The WNPP doc has said for months that rc is orphaned, but
> shimon@i-connect.net created an rc1.4 release in november,
> seemingly taking over from Ian Murdock.  There is also an
> unstable rc-1.5b2 owned by debian-qa, I think,
> but Murdock is listed as maintainer,
> and Mark Baker has his name on some stuff in it.
> The upstream package maintener seems to be Tim Goodwin,
> since last summer, but the mailing list for rc is quiescent.

Yes, the mailing list is pretty quiet these days... ;-)

The vanilla distribution works fine with Linux as far as I'm aware and
Tim Goodwin is the maintainer.  Most of the work I've done is to make
it work properly with GNU readline, and my current version works well
enough that I haven't done any development on it in a long while.
(I'll gladly share my current version with anyone who is interested.)
I would volunteer to help, but aside from my work commitments, I'm
currently involved in a couple of Python related side projects and my
plate is very full indeed.


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