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Re: Debian2.0-->LIBC6+GCC2.8+Kernel2.1.89+Netscape<---Infomagik

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Jonathan A. George wrote:

> 1. Can't Netscape's binary be bundled for free now?

Have they actually released code or changed the licence yet?

> 2. If the 2.0 Debian release simply adds glib2 it will simply end up
> lagging RedHat, Suse, and possibly Slackware.

We have a few more packages and get paid a little less than the
competition.  However, I think the Debian release will be more stable
than RedHat at least (not sure about the rest).

> The real jump ahead would be the addition of gcc2.8 and kernel2.1.89 in
> addition to glib2.  The performance and features gained by the addition
> of the new kernel and glib should not be underestimated.

I don't quite understand your reasoning.  Before we slap the stable
sticker on this thing, you want us to upgrade two key elements to their
unstable version?  I don't think Debian should ever use an unstable kernel
as the default kernel, although I see no problem making a source package
that the user compiles.  I'd advise holding gcc2.8 back until it's
stability is proven, which will probably be no sooner than Debian 2.1.


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