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bugs for removed/orphaned packages in our bug system


what should we do with bugs for non existent (in our main
distribution) packages!?

I.e. the bugs against apsfilter shouldn't be visible in the normal bug
lists/postings. It has been decided to remove apsfilter from the

If we remove packages or move them to project/orphaned,  shouldn't we
move the entire bugs, too!?

It's *very* demotivating to have 4000 open bugs. On the other hand
some of us want to have well maintained packages. No bugs older than
xx days should exist. These things are very contrary.

We should really rethink the meaning/appearance of our bug system. 

One thing that IMHO can help would be the splitting of the bug report
lists. I'd like to see three separate lists:

- wishlist bugs
- orphaned bugs (bugs for packages in project/orphaned incl. the
                 wishlist bugs for these packages)
- normal and higher bugs, with the higher bugs marked in a special way
  to focus on the important things

I hope that this split will make our bug system more useful for the
future development of Debian, because it allows the focus on the more
important things.


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