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Re: Annoying behavior in X (broken curses?)

On Tue, Feb 24, 1998 at 10:45:22PM -0500, Brian Mays wrote:

> > In either case, as xterm and rxvt behave identically in this respect,
> > both terminfo entries should match.  I'm just not sure which one
> > is right.
> If you want my opinion, I think that the smcup and rmcup capabilities
> (start and end using cup, the cursor addressing capability) should not
> blank the alternative screen buffer.  Instead, the application should
> explicitly clear the screen and position the cursor itself.  Note that,
> for example, nvi, elvis, and emacs all do the right thing, and less is
> not a problem since the old screen contents are scrolled out of the way.
> IMHO, it is a bug for applications depend on rmcup or smcup positioning
> the cursor or clearing the screen.

Okay.  Since you seem more qualified than me you might want to submit a bug
against ncurses, then, asking to remove the clear-screen command from the
'xterm' terminfo.  Or at least, adding one to the 'rxvt' terminfo, as long
as we're consistent.

> I think that these are bugs in mutt and joe.  Let's examine joe.
> This is an annotated list of what joe sends to the rxvt/xterm window
> when it starts:
> I think that the problem is evident.  Joe is using the smcup (start CUP)
> capability, which switches to the alternative screen buffer, after it
> has used the clear screen capability, which clears the screen and homes
> the cursor.  The order of these two actions should be reversed.

Just joe, actually.  mutt wasn't clearing the screen when it started joe,
but it was (I think) switching out of the secondary screen so that should be

I've patched joe to properly clear the screen _after_ switching to the
alternate screen, and will submit a bug report containing the patch shortly. 
I'm also including the patch below, since it's very small.

> [ description of minicom error ]
> I don't see any problems with minicom in rxvt.

Oops, you're right.  My computer at work, being in a heterogeneous Unix
environment, needs to have terminfo files in my home directory.  I was using
an old/broken rxvt entry in there.  Debian's rxvt terminfo does indeed not
have this problem.

One problem it _does_ have, though, is that the khome and kend entries are

	~ $ infocmp -1 | egrep khome\|kend
But in rxvt my home and end keys send \E[[1~ and \E[[4~, respectively. (rxvt

Thanks for your help,


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