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Re: compiling packages on va

Kai Henningsen wrote:
> I wrote:
> > cat file.changes | ssh yourcomputer pgp -f -sta > file.changes.asc
> >
> > At least something like that, you get the idea. I've used some variation of
> > this, and it can be made to work, but I don't have the details available
> > now.
> Hmm. It should be possible to write a "pgp" script (to put in the path  
> while doing dpkg-buildpackage) that transparently signs files using pgp on  
> another machine. Since it uses only a small part of the pgp interface,  
> that shouldn't be too hard. Base it on the above. Maybe we could even get  
> pgp to ask locally for it's pass phrase? I think it uses the controlling  
> terminal.

Yes, the way I hacked this was to name a script similar to the above "pgp",
and put in in ~/bin/pgp, which is the first directory in my PATH. So my pgp
script was used to sign stuff. I ran into some difficulty with pgp asking
for the pass phrase - I forget what, so I eventually eneded up with a
slightly more compilced script that used an environment variable to keep pgp
from prompting for the pass phrase.

see shy jo

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