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Re: autoup.sh & considerations on bail-out scripts

On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, David Welton wrote:

> > it's pretty obvious though, that my time is limited at the moment
> > (very busy at work), so i think it's time i turned over the script
> > to the debian-testing list for further development.  I like the
> > ideas you've written about David so if you'd like to take over the
> > job of co-ordinating development of autoup.sh, it's yours.
> If there is absolutely no one else, I guess I would, but I don't
> feel particularly qualified...  This is a pretty important thing for
> debian, and my shell scripting abilities are so-so..

if you need help with sh scripting then i do have time to help out with
that - i'll probably even be able to rewrite improvements in a "nicer"
or "more efficient" form (mostly subjective assessment, of course :-).

but the script needs someone who can devote more time to co-ordinating
changes than i can give....so i'll just step into the background as just
another contributor and let someone else (you, i hope) take over.

> > Like many people, I think that a package sets front-end for dselect
> > is a priority for the hamm release. if i get any spare time soon
> > (unlikely) I'll work on something for that.
> It might be a good idea to make sure autoup.sh is solid..really solid
> before moving on to the next thing...:-)

true...but it's not really the way i work. i'm happy with the script as
it is - it works. however i know that it's still just a hack and needs
to be polished up for end users....the problem is that my motivation
to do that is nowhere near as great as my motivation was to make sure
it worked reliably :-) also, i could force myself to make time for it
before because i needed it at work....so i got it to the point where it
filled my immediate needs.

package sets are something i need at work...sort of. it takes me too
long (about 4-8 hours depending on what hardware problems i run into
and what else i'm doing at the same time) to build a new debian box,
and at least 80% of my hands-on time is spent in dselect selecting and
unselecting packages. simple command line usage of --get-selections
and --set-selections doesn't really handle what i need (unselect
smail, select sendmail instead. ditto for nvi and vim, and a few other

i want to be able to build a system by selecting a few package sets:
basic system, "craig's standard packages", networking set, development
set, etc. then use dselect to select just the unique packages for that
system - e.g. apache for a web server, squid for a proxy, bulkmail +
smartlist + majordomo for a mail server etc.

> > i'm glad people think it is so useful. i've used it many times
> > now (and helped several people on #debian irc channel use it) and
> > it basically works....a bit rough around the edges and not really
> > suitable for novices but the guts of it work safely and reliably.
> We really have no option other than to make it suitable for novices.
> They are the ones who aren't installing hamm now...

yep, agreed.


-- craig sanders

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