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Re: Banner exchange

Craig Sanders wrote:
> steve, if you don't like banner ads and if you run the squid proxy server,
> take a look at my banner blocker.
> http://www.taz.net.au/block/
> the web site hasn't been updated in ages, so the version of the
> redirector script on there is old (my new one doesn't tie a hash db
> file, it generates a perl script to do the redirection whenever the
> redir db is updated....*MUCH* faster, and more flexible).  oh yeah, i'm
> also using a transparent 1 pixel gif as the substitute graphic now.

When you first posted about this, I setup our squid server in a similar
fashion.  I too have modified your script extensively, but we use a
32x32 grey gif.  That is just so there is something to fill the spot
that would normally be an ad, and sinde it's all one color it can be
forced to whatever size without looking strange.

Our script also allows people to opt out from having ads blocked.  One
of the guys here really wanted to see the ads (I know, I don't quite
understand this either, but there you are).

I would love to see your current incarnation of your script, and would
be happy to post ours if you'd like to see it.

Thanks for the great idea!  It makes certain heavily ad laden pages load
considerably faster over our 28.8 Internet link.

> one of these days i'll redo the web site. i suppose i should make a
> debian package of this too.

That would be great!

> animated gifs are an abomination.

I like animated gifs, but not as ads.  Then they are extremely annoying!


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