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Re: Bug#18513: kernel-headers-2.0.32: sets /usr/src/linux symlink on upgrade

/usr/src/linux has always been the location of the kernel and is primarily 
a user responsibility. It cannot be moved to another location. Messing
around with it is wrong if it exists. And moving the symlink to your
headers when its pointing to a perfectly fine kernel tree is definitely a

On 22 Feb 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"clameter" == clameter  <clameter@debian.org> writes:
> clameter> Package: kernel-headers-2.0.32 Version: 2.0.32-5
> clameter> Please do not touch the /usr/src/linux symlink on
> clameter> upgrade. Its bad enough that the package is messing around
> clameter> with /usr/src.
> 	Sorry. /usr/src is under vendor jurisdiction. Read the FHS and
>  the FSSTND. This has been discussed on policy *and* debeian devel,
>  and I do not think you should use the bug system to exress your
>  opinion. 
> clameter> One idea: Is it possible to move the kernel-headers out of
> clameter> /usr/src?
> 	I do not hink so.
> clameter> I.e. install them in /usr/include/kernel-headers-2.0.32 and
> clameter> put symlinks into those dirs? The kernel-headers are part of
> clameter> the include files after all.
> clameter> I do not have a 2.0.32 kernel but I need the headers for
> clameter> compilation.
> 	Please read the FASQ about the headers. That reflects Debian
>  policy. You can find it in /usr/doc/kernel-headers-2.0.32/
> 	If you disagree, get the FHS and policy changed.
> 	I am closing this bug.
> 	manoj
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