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Re: Bug#18581: ae writes ^M's at every newline

On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Bob Hilliard wrote:

> Package: ae
> Version: 962-17
> Severity: important
>      ae inserts ^M's at every newline in a document.  According to
> recent correspondence on debian-user, these ^M's cause a shell script
> written with ae to break.  They would probably also break any config
> files written with ae.  Since ae is the only editor available during
> the installation phase, this can be a serious problem for someone
> configuring ppp or a network before other editors are available.

You are correct! This bug is one that comes and goes. I hadn't expected to
see it back. (I honestly don't know why it comes and goes either, or I
would have "really" fixed it)
I'll contact Anthony and see what he can suggest. (I suspect that it has
to do with terminfo/termcap issues)

>      A less serious, but annoying, problem with the current version of
> ae is that only function keys are used to control the program.
> Earlier versions allowed one to use either ^R or F3 to read a file, ^W
> or F4 to write a file, and ^C or F10 to exit.  The loss of the control
> keys is a major annoyance for those of us who were brought up on
> control keys.  I suggest that future versions have both the control
> keys and the function keys in the distribution key bindings.
There is an even better reason to do this. In an xterm most window
managers "usurp" the first 4 function keys, making it impossible to save a
file in an xterm.

I would like to suggest that all the function keys be replaced by control
keys instead. I will try to come up with a reasonable set soon, and post
it to debian-devel. (the reason for this cross posting)

In the mean time, anyone who has strong feelings about how to deal with
this should feel free to post them.


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