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buzz and autoup.sh (was Re: autoup.sh & considerations on bail-out scripts)

On Sat, 14 Feb 1998, Craig Sanders wrote:

> > > btw, the first thing that autoup installs is the latest libc5 from
> > > hamm's oldlibs/ (it has to, in order to avoid conflicts with libc6)
> >
> > I will look into it again asap.
> this may be a problem.  it has to remove all the -dev etc packages in order
> to install libc5 and libc6....it can't install the new dpkg until that is
> done. 
> a buzz system won't be able to do the --get-selections.
> unfortunately, you can't use 'dpkg -l' because it truncates the
> package name to fit on the 80 column width....which is why i used
> --get-selections in the first place (the output is also easier to process)

Hamish (or anyone else who wants to play with buzz upgrades), try the
latest autoup.sh (v0.20) which i've just uploaded to my usual websites.

it's a first stab at upgrading libc5 (to latest hamm version) and dpkg
(to bo dpkg version before doing anything else.


please note: this is completely untested. hopefully it won't break
upgrades from rex or bo.


craig sanders

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