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copyright question in general

On Mon, Feb 23, 1998 at 09:46:00PM -0800, Adam Klein wrote:

> > Beside I assume he does not really understand the term "free software" I'm
> > not sure what to do with it. Can we keep it in main/net ?
> This is blatantly non-free.

*sigh* Why do all packages I adopt result in a copyright question ?
It seems to me, that some maintainers do not carefully read the licenses of
the programs they package. Just gathering all soft for Debian within reach.
:( So I have the same problem I have with majordomo, contacting the author
and persuading him to change the license. I'm not a very experienced
Debian-Developer and my English could be better, otoh nobody seems to be
interested in keeping such packages as nobody responded on my (and joey's)
call for help. How about developing a standard email which could be send by
each maintainer to the author. Maybe pointing out what our intention is,
mentioning the social-contract and such things ? Would anybody take care of
this please ? Or is there _really_ no need for this ?


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