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conflicting packages

There is currently a problem with the linux gazette packages when upgrading
from bo to hamm. The old packages have this layout:

lg-base: contains /usr/doc/linux-gazette/...

lg-issueXX: depends lg-base
          provides lg-issues
   prerm: j_mkindex /usr/doc/linux-gazette

The new packages will have this:

lg-base: suggests lg-issue
         conflicts lg-issues

lg-issueXX: depends lg-base (>=25-1)
            provides lg-issue
            replaces lg-issues

Does this look okay?  A problem with the current packages is that (for some
reason) it is possible for the old lg-base to be removed and then the old
lg-issueXX prerm is run - this breaks badly.

I imagine what is happening was that the old lg-base is replaced by the new
lg-base and then the lg-issueXX prerm is run.  However this shouldn't happen
because the new lg-base conflicts with (the old) lg-issues.

8.3 Alternative packages - Conflicts and Replaces

   When one package declares a conflict with another dpkg will refuse to
   allow them to be installed on the system at the same time.

   If one package is to be installed, the other must be removed first...

I believe the new packages used to have these control fields:
    replaces lg-issues
    provides lg-issue
    depends lg-base
    conflicts lg-base (<< 21-1), lg-issues

PS: I've uploaded the new lg-issue25 anyway because it shouldn't be any more
broken than the other packages :-)



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