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Re: autoup.sh & considerations on bail-out scripts

On Sat, 14 Feb 1998, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> > autoup can upgrade a system from rex to hamm.  i think you were working on
> > getting it to do buzz as well - did you have any luck with that?
> I sent you an email about what other things had to be done during the process
> to get it to work, but I guess you never got it.

i can't remember getting it.

> > > buzz had dpkg 1.2.x, which doesn't have the --get-selections that
> > > autoup wants to use. dpkg (from bo) needs libc5 >=
> > 
> > autoup doesn't use --get-selections or --set-selections. it just removes
> I thought it used get-selections to work out which dev packages are installed?

yep, you're right.  i'd forgotten about that.

> > btw, the first thing that autoup installs is the latest libc5 from
> > hamm's oldlibs/ (it has to, in order to avoid conflicts with libc6)
> I will look into it again asap.

this may be a problem.  it has to remove all the -dev etc packages in order
to install libc5 and libc6....it can't install the new dpkg until that is

a buzz system won't be able to do the --get-selections.

unfortunately, you can't use 'dpkg -l' because it truncates the
package name to fit on the 80 column width....which is why i used
--get-selections in the first place (the output is also easier to process)


craig sanders

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