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Re: Bug#18582: usr/doc/timezones is a symlink to /usr/doc/libc6

     (I didn't see your response until I looked at the bugs database
this afternoon.  I seem to have missed several messages at about that
time, so my ISP must have had a hiccup.)

     You said:

> While I have made the same mistake (of thinking that /usr/doc/<package> is
> supposed to contain additional documentation) that you have made here, it
> should be clear from a quick survey of the /usr/doc/* directories that
> they typically contain nothing more than copyright and changlog files.
> Policy dictates that the changelog and copyright files reside in these
> directories and (possibly suggests) indicates nothing else. The general
> interpretation seems to be that that is all that should go there (I
> certainly feel differently)
     Either the policy manual or the packaging manual speak of the
desirability of having README.debian files in /usr/doc<package>.  I
think one of the best examples of good practice in this respect is
/usr/doc/ppp, which has lengthy and informative README.debian and
README.linux files.  Many other packages have useful READMEs in
/usr/doc, but many, unfortunately, do not.  

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