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Can a developer sign my PGP key?


Are there any developers local to West Lafayette, Indiana who could give me
a call to compare my PGP key fingerprint with what's on my webpage and at
the public key servers (and thereby sign the key)?

Probably not.  I will accept a collect call if you arrange it with me
beforehand through email.  My phone number is (765) 746-1959.  More than
you wanted to know about me (including my address, phone number, and PGP
key) are at the URL below.

For obvious reasons, if you want to go the collect route, I'd like to hear
only from people within the United States.  :)

I'm willing to return the favor if you like, but then we both might as well
save money and dial direct.

If this was the wrong forum in which to ask, my apologies, but the "new
maintainer's" mail that was sent to me didn't mention what the right place
would be, aside from telling me to do a bunch of things I'd already done,
and mentioned in my mail *to* the new-maintainer address (darn those

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