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Debian 0.93R6 mentioned in Linux FAQ

I just checked out the Linux FAQ that was posted to cola a few days ago.
It contains a reference to Debian 0.93R6 :-) 

1.5 How much hard disk space does Linux need?

   10Mb for a very minimal installation, suitable for trying it out and
   not much else.
   You can squeeze a more complete installation including X Windows into
   80Mb. Installating almost all of Debian 0.93R6 takes around 500Mb,
   including some space for user files and spool areas.

It would be good if someone could contact the maintainer of the FAQ to
refer to Debian 1.3.1 instead. (The sentence also has to be rewritten. I
don't think we should suggest that anyone installs `almost everything'
from Debian 1.3.1 at once :-)



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