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Re: "rc" shell maintainer?

> Who is maintaining the rc package for Debian GNU/Linux?

Can't help here.

>                                          There is also an
> unstable rc-1.5b2 owned by debian-qa, I think,

By "unstable", do you mean that you are aware of specific problems?  If
so, *please* let me know about them.

> The upstream package maintener seems to be Tim Goodwin,
> since last summer, but the mailing list for rc is quiescent.

Yes, it's been fairly quiet around here.  The current status of rc-1.5b2
is this.

o There is a significant problem around the wait() code, which can cause
rc to hang on (at least) Linux systems if you '^C' an application.
There is a fix for this in the development version, but I'm not entirely
happy with it yet.

o There is a different bug near wait() which I haven't had a chance to
track down yet.

o There is a major thinko in the autoconf handling of signals, which
causes problems on RedHat 5.0 (but hasn't been reported anywhere else).
I believe this will be straightforward to fix.

o Some minor tweaks and enhancements to configure have been requested.

I haven't had much time recently to spend on rc, but as you can see from
the above list, there's not much to be done before I release rc-1.5b3,
and I *hope* that will be the last beta before a full rc-1.5 release
(but maybe not :-).

Again, if you've had any problems with rc-1.5b2, whether with the
autoconfiscated build process or with the shell itself, please let me



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