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[no subject] ""50 minutes to create the new user"" "democracy" "Grub Hard Disk Error", after installing from sarge floppies 'rpm --freshen': dpkg Equivalent? (no subject) Re: (unknown) **VIRUS INFECTED** Hi, Nick. In this archive you can find all those things, you asked me. ..amd64, was: Re: no subject .ini files in bash? /etc/group problem /var/mail/mail /var/run/cyrus/socket/lmtp 2.6.7 kernel panic 2.6.8 kernel panic under k7 (but not 386) 30-minutes with scripts [was Re: Fixing boot problems with grub] 32-bit pcmcia in an old laptop? 〔自動応答〕Yahoo! JAPAN へご返信いただいたお客様へ (bootdisk HOWTO & initrd) => "login incorrect" :-( Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?variable=3DStrart=5FProgramPID =3F=3F?= variable=Strart_ProgramPID ?? Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?variable=3DStrart=5FProgramPID =3F=3F?= [announce] Openoffice 1.9.62 .debs [CONFUSED NEWBIE] Cron [Debian SID] "aptitude upgrade" problem [Debian] AMD 64 bit architecture [Fwd: drivers for Intel ethernet card] [Fwd: Re: Suggestion] [ autofs: /etc/init.d/autofs now writes pidfiles Re: [ltp] Problems with automount Re: [Ltsp-discuss] LTSP Packages [OT?] recreating lost iPod database [OT] Can I make a prototype Free and sell the final product? [OT] Gates has spyware on his home machines [OT] k3b won't fully ackowledge a friends CDR/CDRW [OT] lftp not using cached directory listings [OT] local-only webserver for web app. thttpd or ?? Re: [OT] local-only webserver for web app. thttpd or ?? [OT] Pat needs our help [OT] Printing hardcopy from an application [OT] Splitting multipage TIFF files [part Solved] Re: udev not working properly anymore (?) Re: [plug] HA Cluster STONITH Device [Solved] Re: [Debian SID] "aptitude upgrade" problem [SOLVED] Re: Moving users [SOLVED] Re: ppp0 fails to start at boot, only when pppoeconf is ran [solved] SSH host key stored with IP, not host name [solved] SSH hostkey authentication and users' known_hosts files [solved] zsh: weird variable expansion Re: [SOLVED]Audio Problem [Very OT] IIS Basic Authentication can be used for phishing [WORKAROUND] PCMCIA CardBus USB adapter [WORKED] Re: plugin with mozilla about cups-client about dhcp client and cdroms about loading / blacklisting / ... modules adding custom kernel to iso? Adding debian to win2k dynamic disk Adobe Acrobat Reader An advantage of Debian (from advice on updating kernel image Airlink+ wireless card Aliens ... Re: Re: All mozilla-based browsers crash on some sites ALSA Default Card Alsa module problem with snd_pcm_oss, snd_emu10k1, soundcore Alsa Problem ALSA sound on 2.4.20 kernel alsa won't work unless i kill esd alsaconf Alt Gr + key doesn't generate "extra" symbols any more always ask for root password Fw: am i seeing double? Re: AMD 64 and Debian AMD 64 build absolutely necessary for install on Athlon 64? Re: amd64 build necessary to get nvidia nforce3 mobo working? And the thing is installed by apt-get at... ?? announcing debian-installer release candidate 2 annoying mutt problem Antivirus/Antispyware/Antiadware for linux? Re: any successful stories of freenx on debian Re: Anybody Edimax EW-7128g with 2.6? Re: aol art files: aol art removal Apache -- maybe config problems Apache 1.3 on woody largefile problems Apache 1.3.31 mod_include Vuln? apache being hit Apache in a chroot (was: Re: HELP!!!, can't login even as root) apache reload v. apache restart Re: apache-ssl understands no MIME apache-ssl understands no MIME? (Shows only HTML docs) Re: Apache2 'SSLEngine on' not working in testing applications on gnome don't start. Re: apt .v. aptitude (was Re: how to remove exim4 without removing mysql-server?) apt .v. aptitude (was Re: how to remove exim4 without removing mysql-server?) Re: apt .v. aptitude (was Re: how to remove exim4 without removing mysql-server?) apt mirror question apt pinning apt-cacher transition from apache to apache2 apt-get Failure apt-get install and upgrade errors apt-get problems Re: Apt-Torrent project aptitude keeps trying to replace my vim-gtk and ftpd aptitude: flags are 'state', 'action' and .... ? aRTS, nforce3 and sarge Asterisk , Music on Hold on Debian 2.6 help wanted ASUS P5P800 Motherboard support At my wits end with waproamd ata_piix and ide_generic weird behavior atftpd installation and Multicast Transfer ATI M card and GLX Audio Recording Application Auth.log autofs or am-utils? automated script with login into x Automatic mount of usb-storage devices on 2.4.*? automatic printer recognition AW: ignoring dependencies Backup solution with DVDs RE: Base system install- eval: 3: Syntax error: newline unexpecte d (expecting ")") Base system install- eval: 3: Syntax error: newline unexpected (expecting ")") bash_logout & xsession help needed battery-graph gives errors bcm4400-source v/s b44 module in 2.6.7 Beginner's?? Question A better title BIG filesystems, Big Files, Transparent Compression? binding 2 or more IP addresses to one interface? A bit off subject - Some may even give a crap. Bizarre NFS Problem Blackdown The last update was on 06:53 GMT Tue May 21. There are 3931 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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