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Re: Antivirus/Antispyware/Antiadware for linux?

Clamav is good, updates as frequently as eztrust (CA) which can be several 
times daily in "busy" times. Use cron to run periodic scans in the 

It now cites spyware which other programs do not. Eztrust finally traps a lot 
of the email attached viruses that used to simply get through untouched to 
outlook express. Clamav will stop many but not all used with kmail, see 

KMail can use it to prescan emails and it claims its own option to do so as 
well.  Real-time file checks require "dazuko" which I have been unable to 
compile. The windows version, with or without the UI works as well.

Kudo: NEVER let clamav delete infected files. This is because it cites certain 
errors as infections, for example, zip archives larger than the size limit 
(which you can set). Also, it does not like cygwin .tar.gz archives for some 

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