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Re: aptitude keeps trying to replace my vim-gtk and ftpd

Jeff Rasmussen(jeff.rasmussen@gmail.com) is reported to have said:
> Aptitude shows automatically installed packages with a 'A' on the left
> side of the screen.  If you highlight bluefish and press '+' you will
> change the package to install which will 'manually' install your
> package.
> If you use aptitude to install gnome-desktop, a lot of other packages
> will automatically be installed (the rules are more liberal than
> apt-get).  When you select gnome-desktop to delete it will delete all
> of the automatically installed packages.  This behavior is
> customizable.

Opps.  I should have mentioned that I was using the command line.
aptitude install  java-package java-common

when it tried to uninstall bluefish and 7 other packages.

I knew about the 'A' but did not customize aptitude to automaticaly
delete any files.

Thanks for the reminder Jeff.


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