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Re: annoying mutt problem

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 12:45:17AM -0700, Sean wrote:
> After fetching my mail from my isp's pop server, mutt usually only 
> displays the first 10 or so messages.  The others although fetched by 
> fetchmail, don't display in my mailbox for a few minutes, according to 
> mutt.  If I have about 50 or so, I can quit mutt, and go back in to see 
> all the messages.  However if there are 200 or so, like today, it takes 
> 2 or so minutes and quitting and restarting mutt before I see them all.  
> What's appening here?  Can I fix that?
> Sean

The problem might be in fetchmail. It has an option of limiting the number
of emails that it downloads on each connection. If this is set, you get
the behavior that you describe. The default according to man fetchmail is
no limit, but it might be set to 10 in your .fetchmailrc


Paul E Condon           

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