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Re: AMD 64 and Debian

Le Lundi 22 Novembre 2004 18:24, downtime null a écrit :
> I'm going to be upgrading my system very soon and was considering upgrading
> to the AMD 64 bit processor. Are there already binary packages available
> for 64 bit or am I going to have to compile everything? I'm pretty sure
> there is already support for this architecture, I just want to be sure.
> Thanks.

Check out


I installed it just last week, and managed to get most things to work grace to 
the 2.6.9-9 Debian kernel. The port is a Sid port, so you get the latest and 
the greatest but it can be a pain to set up at the beginning. There are a 
couple of broken packages in the true64 archive that are a pain: sed and 
base-config. But you can get around that.

Openoffice won't work in 64bit, so you gotta install a 386 system in a chroot 
and run it inside that.


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