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Re: Bizarre NFS Problem

On Tue, 2004-11-16 at 19:52, Tim Kelley wrote:
> Have you looked at tcpdump output while this is happening? you might see some 
> clues ...

I have done a TCP dump and it seems to be just fine, nothing is
different from a successful transfer then a failed transfer except at
the point it fails. The failure just ends the session and the successful
one continues.

> If you are using udp, just do
> tcpdump udp or icmp and port nfs
> You might see a lot of icmp error messages, and you'll certainly see the 
> fragmentation.
> You might try switching to tcp.  Most likely udp is the culprit here, since 
> any sort of network problem at all will result in data loss.  Tcp is not 
> noticeably slower and will work much better. On modern systems tcp and rsize 
> and wsize of 32k is pretty standard.

The above being said, how do I verify that I am using TCP and not UDP?

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