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adding custom kernel to iso?

Hi there,

I am switching the hard drive on my laptop using the following method:

rsync all files to a backup dir on a desktop
install new drive
boot from installation media & install base system on /dev/hda2
rsync files from old drive to /dev/hda1
edit lilo.conf & reboot from /dev/hda1

the problem is that lots of stuff on my laptop, including, I think,
the PCMCIA ethernet, doesn't work well with the stnadard kernels.  I'd
like to put my own custom kernel onto the install disk so that the
ethernet will work, thus allowing me to retrieve the rsynced files.  

sooo...  is this possible?  I have no idea how to do it.  

Thanks much as always for your help,


 .''`.       Matt Price 
: :'  :      Debian User
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