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Apache -- maybe config problems

I am working on a web site which uses javascript and css to implement a menu system. If I simply point mozilla (or firefox, or opera) at the page everything is fine and the menus work as expected. If, however, I try to access the file using http://mylinuxbox/mylogin/file.http the file is still displayed as expected, but the menus do not work.

Clicking on an image in the menu should display (or hide) the submenu, but nothing happens. This is also the case if I move the site tree to /var/www/. I have not worked with apache before, so the configuration is just as it came "out of the box" from my initial install of debian on this box.

This sounds like a configuration problem preventing the included .js file from actually being included when the page is requested. The .js file is in the same direcory as the requested page.

Can anyone help me with the changes to /etc/apache/httpd.conf that are required to make this work?

Marc Shapiro

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