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Re: aptitude keeps trying to replace my vim-gtk and ftpd

On Wednesday 03 November 2004 01:02, Micha Feigin wrote:
> For some reason aptitude constently (every apgrade) tried to replace my
> vim-gtk with vim-tcl and ftpd with pure-ftpd, any ideas why?
> I don't have any pinning setup.

I would guess that you have some packages installed that recommend or 
suggest vim-tcl or pure-ftpd, and there's possibly an aptitude setting that 
asks aptitude to install suggested or recommended packages.  Since vim-tcl 
replaces vim-gtk, aptitude would want to install vim-tcl and remove 
vim-gtk.  However, if vim-gtk was not installed automatically, then it 
shouldn't be trying to do this.  One reason it might try, however, is 
because vim-tcl provides something that vim-gtk doesn't.  If the version of 
both that aptitude is dealing with don't both provide gvim, then there's a 
package bug in there somewhere.

If you want to track this down, look at the reverse depends on vim-tcl, 
until you come to a package you installed.  Perhaps it is the culprit.

Justin Guerin

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