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Re: aptitude keeps trying to replace my vim-gtk and ftpd

On Wed, 03 Nov 2004 10:54:56 -0500, Wayne Topa wrote:

> I just ran aptitude and it got "The following packages are unused and
> will be REMOVED".  There are 8 packages it wants to remove, one of which
> is bluefish, which I am using as I run aptitude.(?)

Bluefish is an HTML editor based on GTK, not an aptitude helper.  Or did
you mean you were running the two applications at the same time?

> A lot of people swear by aptitude but this behavior has made me swear
> _at_ it more and more.

If you want to keep bluefish, tell aptitude you installed it "manually".

> There _might_ be some good reason for the way aptitude doese things but
> I can't find them.

Bluefish is marked as "automatically installed", and since (apparently)
nothing you've installed "manually" depends on it, aptitude is removing it
for you.

> I would appreciate any explaination for this bizarre behaviour.

What you're describing is a feature of aptitude.  You can stop it, easily,
from removing bluefish if you really wanted to keep bluefish.  There may
be a way to stop aptitude from removing "unused" packages, but since I
want it to do that, I haven't checked.

There's nothing bizarre involved.

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