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aptitude: flags are 'state', 'action' and .... ?

Hi, here's some results from aptitude's search command:

	dione$ aptitude search \!unmatchable | egrep -v '^[piv]  '
	i A amd64-libs                      - ...

The 'testing' of three weeks ago produced no output with
this command; indeed I have been using it as a way to 
check that all packages were in a good state. 

But then 'testing' of one week ago starts producing this
output. Actually it did it for two other packages, both
from gcc 3.4 (which I removed in favour of only having 3.3

I looked in /usr/share/doc/aptitude/README and found that
it seems to skip the subject:

  	2.8. Values of the current state flag
  	2.9. Values of the action flag
  	2.10. Customizable colors in aptitude

Current state is column 1 (the 'i'), the action is in
column 2 (the ' '), but what is in column 3 (the 'A')?



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