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Re: AMD 64 and Debian

> How difficult, would you say, was it to get it installed and get everything
> working. Do you play any games? Specifically do you play any Windows games
> using cedega? Are you happy with your configuration? Would you recommend
> this configuration to others?

Right now I'm pretty happy with it. The difficulties I encountered were mostly 
because of my revolting ignorance in certain respects and also because of 
particular things about my hardware, nothing major.

But I do not play any games, however I should warn you that ATI's proprietary 
driver set has not been ported to AMD64, so if you want to get one of those 
cards, especially from the high end, stick with 386. Check out 

Right now I am in the process of installing 386 into a chroot to be able to 
run openoffice, flash plugin, java plugin, and install the ATI drivers I 
mentioned above, and see if there is any performance difference. it's going 
smooth up to this point.

Not that I know anything about gaming, but just one question: since most games 
are designed for windows, why don't you just play them in windows, you know, 
double boot... Is there any particular reason you want to try them in linux? 
And AMD64 Debian unstable moreover? You think the performance might be that 
much better that it will be worth the hassle?


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