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Re: [OT?] recreating lost iPod database

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 12:11:22 -0500, Nori Heikkinen wrote:

> i just ended up restoring the thing

How unfortunate.

> i tried using ephpod on a windows machine to restore the database, but
> when i did, it would prompt me for each mp3 as it was stored in the

It could have used some mangling of the track name in the ID3 tags, but I
guess yours are gone.

> from all of this poking around, it looks like the id3 tags of the mp3s
> i'm putting on the 'pod are stripped and stored in a database.  when
> this database goes, the mp3s themselves appear to have no info, so
> the thing is useless.
> does anyone know if this is off-base?

It's not completely correct.  The files on my iPod have the ID3 tags I
put there.  gtkpod will rewrite the ID3 tags of the original files if 
you modify the tags with gtkpod and you've configured it to do so.  
That caused me problems, so I disabled it.  I ran a few tests when I first
started using it, and I don't recall gtkpod ever simply removing tags.

gtkpod seems to know the location of the source files it uses,
but when I tried extracting MP3 files from the iPod, it didn't put the
files back in their original locations.  It used the track information --
from its database?  from the iPod? -- for the file-system names.

> i can't find a reasonable explanation of how the iPod's directory structure
> and database work, which is frustrating.

There's a perfectly reasonable and authoritative explanation available in
the source code.  (I haven't even looked at it.)

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