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32-bit pcmcia in an old laptop?

Hello List,

I've got an old Toshiba Tecra 720CDT (133Mhz w/96MB ram). I just bought
a Netgear WG511 802.11g wireless card to put in it. The pcmcia card is
(obviously) a 32bit card. Up to this point I've only used 16bit cards in
the laptop.

The problem is the card is not being recognized at all by Linux. I
upgraded the kernel to 2.6.8 (it had been running an old 2.2 kernel),
and installed hotplug and discover (didn't think they would really do
anything, but it made it easier to get the drivers installed for other
things like the sound card). When I insert the card, neither of the leds
on the card turn on, I don't get any of the usual beeps from the
computer, etc. Cardctl reports both sockets as being empty. The pcmcia
controller is an old generic i82365 chipset. 

So, my question. I'm guessing this is a compatability issue; the old
laptop can use 16bit cards but not 32bit and that the card shouldn't be
this dead even if it were somehow defective when I got it. Can someone
with more pcmcia experience confirm this, or give me any tips to do more


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