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Re: apache reload v. apache restart

I can't say that this has happened to me really.

What do error logs give? Do you get any abnormal output from logrotate?
Or, does it just die because it *seems* it wants to.

I've had similar problems due to very stale processes (and even after
<service> stop haven't killed and it's just doing lots of "killall -9"'s
that has put it all back to normal.

Dave Ewart wrote:
System: Woody, fully up to date, runs Apache

Recently, after an 'apt-get upgrade', Apache has been dying when doing a
logrotate.  I have identified the source of the problem -
'/etc/ini.d/apache reload' kills Apache.

So, I've changed it to '/etc/ini.d/apache restart' in the logrotate
scripts and this seems OK.

Anyone else seen this or have any thoughts as to what *really* caused
this to start happening?  The logrotate and Apache configs have remained
unchanged for many months, and I suspect that one of the the packages
'apt-get upgraded' within the past week broke something.


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