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Re: apt pinning

On Thu, 2004-11-25 at 06:09 +0200, ocl wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to get a certain package (dbmail) pinned to a
> certain version (v2*).
> This package is not part of debian distribution --yet, but
> an older version (v1*) does exist for it in the debian
> repositories.
> This is the stuff that I added to /etc/apt/sources.list
> deb http://debian.nfgd.net/debian woody/
> deb-src http://debian.nfgd.net/debian woody/
> deb http://debian.nfgd.net/debian sid/
> deb-src http://debian.nfgd.net/debian sid/
> deb http://debian.nfgd.net/debian stable/
> deb-src http://debian.nfgd.net/debian stable/
> deb http://debian.nfgd.net/debian unstable/
> deb-src http://debian.nfgd.net/debian unstable/
> deb http://debian.nfgd.net/debian experimental/
> deb-src http://debian.nfgd.net/debian experimental/
> Please notice the 'slash' at the end. It is necessary
> for this particular repository.
> When I add the following lines
>    Package: dbmail
>    Pin: release version 2*
>    Pin-Priority: 1500
> to the /etc/apt/prefrences file, I would have expected that
> 'apt-get install dbmail-pqsql' (i.e PostgreSQL version of
> DbMail) would install v2.x, but it does not, it keeps getting
> v1.x
> I did try it with 'apt-get --reinstall install dbmail-pqsql'
> but the result is the same. Same result with Synaptic too.
> Could someone help, please.
> Cheers,
> Ray

These are considered "trivial" repositories and don't support pinning.
That is why you have to add the trailing slash. It's not a release but
an actual directory name.

You can check the Debian manual for a more in depth explanation of what
the difference is. 


Eric Gaumer <gaumerel@ecs.fullerton.edu>

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