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Re: AMD 64 and Debian

Alexandru Cabuz wrote:
Not that I know anything about gaming, but just one question: since most games are designed for windows, why don't you just play them in windows, you know, double boot... Is there any particular reason you want to try them in linux? And AMD64 Debian unstable moreover? You think the performance might be that much better that it will be worth the hassle?

Hi Alexandru,

I can't speak for "downtime null", but for me there are several reasons for running games in Linux:

1. I don't want to have to reboot every time I want to play a game. I generally only reboot my machine to do a kernel upgrade or to shift the computer.

2. I don't want to buy a licence for a crippled operating system that I will only use for playing games.

3. If I had wanted to separate linux use from gaming, I would have bought a Playstation 2.

4. I don't want to support the paradigm that equates PC gaming with Microsot Windows.

Anyone else care to comment?


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