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Re: Apt-Torrent project

On Saturday 30 October 2004 11:42, Mike Furr wrote:
> Arnaud Kyheng wrote:
> | Hello,
> |
> | I love the Debian project, and I have worked on a new development
> | for it: Apt-Torrent :)
> Thank you for your contribution.  However, I looked at doing
> something similar to this a little while ago and found that
> bittorrent is not very well suited for doing package downloads.  Of
> the ~15k binary packages in Debian about 87% are under 1 meg in
> size and 98% are under 10 megs.  The bit-torrent protocol works
> best on files significantly larger than this.  Also, the protocol
> is not as efficient as it could be for the server hosting the
> .torrent file, which means it scales quite poorly when there are
> lots of requests for small files, as would be the case for Debian
> packages.

Someone else has also looked into adding a p2p protocal to apt file 
fetching, haven't watched it closely, nor am I a developer for it.
At one point I thought they even had an apt-pdtp in the works, but i 
can't find it now.
Not trying to say apt-torrent isn't a worthwhile project, but as Mike 
noted, bittorrent really isn't a good protocal for the number of 
small files Debian has.  It does work well though for CD images.

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