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Re: Bizarre NFS Problem

Derek "The Monkey" Wueppelmann wrote:
Hello All,

I'm currently running debian 3.0 r3 and have run into an interesting
issue with my NFS mounts. On one of my debian systems (I have just done
an apt-get update/upgrade on all my systems) when copying or creating a
file on one of the NFS mounted directories I get an input/output error.
The interesting thing is that this only happens for a file size of
between 4833-4840 inclusive or any multiple of 8192 + 4833-4840. My
mount point has been setup in fstab with the following options:


Another interesting thing is that if I go to another of my debian
systems that is running the exact same version of mount and nfs the copy
works just fine. I am incredibly perplexed as to why this is happening,
if anybody could shed some light on this that would be great.

Perhaps it's something to do with IP fragmentation? That works on 64-bit (8-byte) units so if there's some kind of bug in fragment reassembly somewhere along the route then it might well affect fragments in an 8-byte range of sizes. See if the problem goes away if you reduce the sizes to 1024, which should prevent fragmentation. (This is bad for performance so it's not a good solution, but it might help to identify the source of the problem.)


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