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Aliens ...

Sorry for advance if this sounds like "deja vu" ...

That is, i am a java developer and i wanted to install "debian-friendly" the
new jdk150.
So, as i can't find a jdk1.5.0.diff.gz like file to do the job with alien
and the file.rpm i pick from Sun's site, i wrote it from the excellent
j2sdk1.4.2 one.
It worked well, thanks.

This was only the introduction ... :-)

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Question :

Where can we find / store / submit .diff.gz file to cleanly use rpm stuff
that we don't have (yet) on Debian sites ???

You know, some ask so stupid questions ... :-)))

THANKS IN ADVANCE (and don't be afraid by my bad english spoken please)

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